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  • Lynne presents the Victim Triangle Part I & II

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    Lynne presents the Victim Triangle and the Core Belief Cycle to a live audience.

  • The Reality Formula II: Exploring Our Core Beliefs

    1 video  |   Buy $53

    During this second installment of the Reality Formula, we explore the inheriting of our core beliefs through family lineage. During the process, Lynne works with a volunteer to discover their personal core belief cycle and take steps to reframe their personal perspective.

  • The Reality Formula: Exploring the Victim Triangle

    1 video  |   Buy $53

    Take a deep dive with Lynne Forrest into the Victim Triangle, and then observe its practical application through the group process. Lynne unpacks the starting gate position of the three roles (Persecutor, Rescuer, Victim). Observe Lynne process with group members to identify their starting gate p...